6 Essential Factors of a Great Small Business

Posted by Craig Zoberis

May 26, 2017 6:01:00 PM

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I and the Fusion team are thrilled to announce that we made the 2017 list of Forbes Small Giants, a recognition awarded to 25 small businesses that “value greatness over growth, have been acknowledged as outstanding by others in their field and are engaged in initiatives from which any business can gain insights”. This one-time award places Fusion in the company of local esteemed companies such as Integrated Project Management, Basecamp, Tasty Catering, ABT Electronics, and Radio Flyer. Based on the best-selling book by Bo Burlingham, companies receiving this award have mastered six factors:

  1. The Leader Factor
  2. The Community Factor
  3. The Customer/Supplier Factor
  4. The Employee Factor
  5. The Margin Factor
  6. The Passion Factor

Fellow businesses in the Small Giants community have worked to remain stable while also providing a great environment for their employees. Moreover, they were selected for having a focus on their customers, delivering quality products, and avoiding the growth-at-all costs mentality that can hinder many small companies.

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When I think of the reasons that Fusion was nominated – and won – I know it’s because we’ve successfully developed an ecosystem of transparency and high performance with our employees, customers and vendors. This system - rooted in open, positive communication - is our secret to remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving contract manufacturing industry. Highly engaged employees put customers first. Open communication with customers ensures aligned expectations. Partnering with our vendors allows us to deliver quality products. Putting forth the effort into selecting, cultivating and building these relationships has made all the difference.

At Fusion OEM, we understand that people are the primary source of our competitive advantage. As we all have heard before, products can easily be copied, technological innovation can prove fleeting, and more facilities can be built, but the quality of manufacturing talent, its passion and commitment, is nearly impossible to duplicate. As the great Jim Collins states, Packard’s Law (David Packard of HP) in the book How the Mighty Fall, “No company can consistently grow revenues faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth and still become a great company. [And] if a company consistently grows revenue faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth, it will not simply stagnate; it will fail.” As a privately held company, we have the luxury of not being pressured to grow any faster than we can find the right people, and that has earned us this prestigious recognition. We are honored to now be part of the Small Giants community.

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