Core Values Re-Examined

Posted by Craig Zoberis

Nov 13, 2015 6:48:53 PM

When writing about our Core Values a few weeks back, I wasn’t expecting it to resonate with so many manufacturing colleagues and business leaders from a variety of other industries. The feedback received was overwhelming and appreciated. In that same vein, I wanted to share more of the path we took in revamping our Core Values to accurately reflect who we are as a company and resonate with our employees.

In 2012, our Core Values were (bolded):

  • Client Success is Our #1 Priority We contribute to client success and see ourselves as partners, not just an outsourced manufacturing company
  • Make It Happen Complete projects fast, efficient and error-free
  • Tell It Like It Is Fusion is transparent in all aspects of the business
  • It’s the Who, Not the What Employees are the face of Fusion
  • Never Ever Give Up Determination is key

At first glance, these may sound like a winning combination. Of course, we want our clients to succeed, get things done, treat our employees well, and produce quality products. The question is, what manufacturing company doesn’t? These are what Patrick Lencioni’s bestseller The Advantage calls “permission-to-play values,” or minimal behavioral standards required in an organization that wants to be successful.

We had to dig further and develop values that reflect who we actually are, what makes us different from other companies, and where we’re headed. Furthermore, they had to be simple, impactful statements that would be easy to remember and reflect on daily.

Today, our Core Values are (bolded):

  • Strive for Simplicity Fusion prides itself on being a lean manufacturer focused on continuous improvement. Often, those improvements are developed by simplifying processes and eliminating waste.
  • Show Gratitude A culture of gratitude is reflected in everything we do, from our reward and recognition programs to “Good News” moments at our Daily Huddle.
  • Be Flexible – Adaptability is essential to staying competitive in a rapidly changing industry. We are not afraid to implement new initiatives in order to meet our customer’s expectations.
  • See Possibilities Part of being an innovative contract manufacturer means thinking outside of the box when troubleshooting and navigating challenges.
  • Have Fun Our employees are engaged, happy and realize the power of a good team.
  • Go Home Safely The success of our safety committee depends on team involvement, support from management, high visibility and training.

Many leaders and businesses try to create a list of values to impose upon the company, as opposed to creating a company with these values woven into the fibers of the business. Today’s Core Values are the foundation of our company culture, and it is incredibly rewarding to see them lived out every day.

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