Do Your Employees Know Your Company's Core Values?

Posted by Craig Zoberis

May 20, 2016 5:48:20 PM

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Every competitive manufacturing leader is aware of the importance of having a vision, a strategy, company values – something the entire company can rally behind. At Fusion OEM, we worked to develop values that reflect who we actually are and what makes us different from other companies. Additionally, they had to be simple, impactful statements that would be easy to remember and reflect on daily.

This video asks our employees to describe, in their own words, what each of those Core Values mean to them. These genuine, unscripted responses emphasize that sometimes simplicity is the key to clearly communicating what your manufacturing company is about.

Our Core Values are (bolded):

  • Strive for Simplicity – Fusion prides itself on being a lean manufacturer focused on continuous improvement.
  • Show Gratitude – A culture of gratitude is reflected in everything we do, from our reward and recognition programs to “Good News” moments at our Daily Huddle.
  • Be Flexible – Adaptability is essential to staying competitive in a rapidly changing industry. We are not afraid to implement new initiatives in order to meet our customer’s expectations.
  • See Possibilities – Part of being an innovative contract manufacturer means thinking outside of the box when troubleshooting and navigating challenges.
  • Have Fun – Our employees are engaged, happy and realize the power of a good team.
  • Go Home Safely – The success of our six-person safety committee depends on team involvement, support from management, high visibility and training.

We know that values guide behavior and decision-making. Therefore, this video is used as a training aid for orientation, so employees know what’s expected of them from the start. We also include Core Values in our hiring process, in inspirational quotes at our Daily Huddle, and in our Rockstar program.

Today’s Core Values are the foundation of our company culture, and it is incredibly rewarding to hear authentic employee perspectives on how they are lived out every day. Ask yourself the question: do your employees know your core values? Better yet: are they living them?


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