Give Local Manufacturers Their Due

Posted by Craig Zoberis

Oct 3, 2016 6:01:00 PM

I recently wrote a Letter to the Editor of Crain's Chicago Business. It is reposted in its entirety Crains_Pic.jpgbelow: 

Micah Maidenberg’s “Made in America” article (Sept. 12) regarding Steve Wang’s industrial empire
 highlights what has gone awry in the world of manufacturing today. MAT Holdings is certainly a successful company, but that success was not manufactured here in the states. As Maidenberg wrote, “the bulk of [MAT’s] production is in lower-cost countries like China, India, Mexico and Vietnam, plus Europe”. Highlighting the achievements of a local company is one thing, but why do it at the expense of American manufacturers?

As the President of a local contract manufacturing company, I would expect to see Crain’s cover items that are relevant to the industry. A prime example of such a missed opportunity is last week’s International Manufacturing Technology Show at McCormick Place. A global manufacturing event right in our own backyard, and no coverage?

The title of this piece was misleading at best and disingenuous at worst. The current political climate is focused on protecting local manufacturing jobs, not outsourcing production. Please give local manufacturers that contribute to the gross domestic product the respect they deserve.

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