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Posted by Craig Zoberis

Apr 10, 2015 7:09:00 PM

CraigZ1As a manufacturing professional, you are well are aware of utilizing Google to get quick answers to questions you may have instantaneously. What if there was a way for manufacturing professionals to quickly get answers and insight from trusted peers in the industry almost as quickly? Kent Gladish, Senior Marketing and Sales Director of TMA (Technology Manufacturing Aligned) posed this question years ago and promptly developed a solution: CMS-SIG, an email distribution list for TMA Members. The list is operated on an opt-in basis and each member can send messages to the list for distribution to all subscribers. Since it’s inception, the list has grown to over 500 manufacturing professionals, and emails are generated daily.

Trustworthy Sources

CMS-SIG is solely operated by Kent and is composed only of professionals that he has personally met. This lends authenticity to the recommendations and insight provided by all group members – each voice has been “vetted” and is therefore inherently trustworthy.  This has proven to be invaluable for soliciting the advice of peers in the manufacturing industry in order to benefit from their collective experiences and expertise.

Information When It’s Needed

With CMS-SIG, TMA members can quickly send time-sensitive information to a large number of executives locally. Since email is a part of many people's daily routine and is receivable on cellphones, recipients are able to respond to messages immediately.  

A Cost-Effective Resource

CMS-SIG is one of the most cost-effective tools for manufacturing professionals. Executives can get direct feedback, referrals and recommendations, which in turn leads to better business decisions and results. Members are able to save time and money searching for the answers they seek by going straight to a source already vetted by their industry colleagues. Additionally, they aren’t forced to waste resources by experimenting with solutions to problems on their own. “We can solve any Illinois manufacturing issue out there,” Gladish explains.

Building a Community

A sense of community is developed when people discuss topics of shared importance. Online communities such as CMS-SIG provide a vital link to manufacturing professionals who may lack in-person support and understanding regarding a specific issue or challenge. By providing opportunities for collaboration and information sharing, Gladish has formed a virtual community of over 500 executives in the manufacturing industry.  

This valuable resource is a huge benefit for TMA Members, including Fusion OEM. CMS-SIG is a space where manufacturing professionals are able to get support, how-to information and encouragement from other executives in the industry.

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