Gratitude is a Gift

Posted by Craig Zoberis

Nov 18, 2016 6:00:00 PM

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Out of our six Core Values at Fusion OEM, I believe that Show Gratitude is the most important.  Our management team firmly believes that possessing a strong sense of gratitude is the key element to an individual’s pursuit of happiness. Gratitude is a gift, both to possess and to share with others. In today’s blog, I would like to share the things I am grateful for with you.

I am grateful for the team at Fusion OEM.  As you are well aware, business is about the three Ps: People, Process and Product. Our clients return year after year because of our great People. Our robust Processes build their OEM Products with an emphasis on quality and timeliness. This balance has led us to recognition and rewards for being the Best Places to Work in IL, Best and Brightest Place to Work in Chicago, and many more. That could not happen without supportive, engaging employees. Creating a positive, productive environment takes effort, and our team hits the mark every day.


I am grateful for my Rockstar management team that has allowed me to fulfill my dream of “working ON the business” instead of “working IN the business”. Each day, I am able to enjoy the freedom to meet with my peers and mentors in order to learn and grow, rather than being strapped to the day-to-day operations of business. These lessons and insight are invested into continuous improvement, and are a key element of our success.

In that vein, I am grateful to many of the colleagues and mentors I’ve had along the way.  I’m especially grateful to the late Dick Abrahams for teaching me that delegating and stepping aside is the most effective way to grow the business. I am grateful to Frank Riordan for the amazing connections he has provided in our industry. I am grateful to Charlie Barkley for showing me how to effectively analyze business opportunities. I am grateful to Mort Rosen for giving me the confidence to take risks. I am grateful to Alan Clark for his endless hours of advice regarding investing capital into the business. I am grateful to Bob Clifford for teaching me how to be a strategic salesperson. Most importantly, I am grateful for my father, Walter Zoberis, for teaching me the virtues of earning the trust of your clients. Furthermore, he taught me how easy it can be to lose them if not paying attention to every detail of the relationship.

I am grateful for our clients. They have enabled the prosperity and success that Fusion OEM has enjoyed over its lifetime. I’m very proud to say that every one of the 14 years we have been in business has seen significant growth and profitability. That would not be possible if our client relationships weren’t seen as true partnerships.

Of course, I’m especially grateful for my beautiful family.  I married my best friend 15 years ago,
and we have four talented young children.  My wife is the one who encouraged me to start this business and gave me the confidence to live out my dream. I could not have succeeded without her unwavering love and support.FusionFallFestival2016COLOR-17.jpg

I encourage you to reflect on the things you are grateful for this holiday season.   On behalf of the entire Fusion OEM Team, thank you for allowing us to share the gift of gratitude with you this Thanksgiving!

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