I've Got a Feeling

Posted by Craig Zoberis

Oct 24, 2012 9:00:00 AM

team"I've Got a Feeling" is more than the title to a Beatles or a Black Eyed Peas song. It's a reference to the way I interpret the environment, culture, and mood of an organization or workplace. It's the way I feel when I'm in the building, amongst the workers, resting in the break rooms.

My "I've Got a Feeling" radar has proven to be fairly accurate in assessing workplace culture, employee satisfaction and engagement in my career. Of course we have metrics, assessment tools, management courses and leadership seminars that explore company culture on a more scientific level. But I believe employee feelings speak strongly for the type of workplace a company has created.

We all come to work with good, bad or indifferent feelings every day. The feeling we have when we leave work to go home, in my mind, can ultimately define a company's culture.

In my humble opinion, and as a result of spending 18 years in a human resource leadership capacity, I feel strongly that a company culture can be defined by how employees feel when they punch out at the end of the day. Do we punch out feeling our work is marginalized or embraced? Are we part of the organization or are we an outsider? Are we fulfilled or are we frustrated?

Any organization can claim to be a "family", but it is employee feelings about experiences at work that reveal the truth about the organizational culture. When the employees claim that the organization is like a "family". That is when the organization is on the right cultural track.

Fusion recently began working with a video production company to create content for our website. The premise of the video process was that the employees would answer simple questions, such as "what is your favorite thing about working at Fusion?" The employees were given an open forum to express their feelings about working for the company.

As the "interviewer" I was interested to hear the responses of our employees. I had only worked for the company for a couple of months when the video process began and I was honestly a little bit nervous about employee reactions. What if the employees say they don't like Fusion? What will we do then?

I was very happy to hear our employee responses. One after the other our employees expressed, through their unique stories, feelings of security, support, and inclusion. The employees articulated feeling part of a family, expressing that someone had their back and never feeling left alone.

These feelings are what keep Fusion OEM employees coming back to work each day. These feelings are what makes Fusion OEM unique. These feelings are a result of a combination of thoughtful strategy, impulsive humor, good intentions and proactive follow-through.

Do you feel embraced, fulfilled and part of a family at work? If not, come work with Fusion! Life is too short.

Stacy Hayes

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