Cobots and the Changing “Face” of American Manufacturing

Posted by Todd Stukenberg

Nov 30, 2018 4:00:00 PM

Robots have been an important part of manufacturing on a global basis for nearly 50 years.  Perhaps most widely recognized for their place in automobile production, robots have been used to improve efficiency, quality and safety.  Historically, traditional production robotics has been out of reach for mid- and small-market manufacturers due to their cost, scale and specific capability limitations.  However, as the global economy has changed due to the reach of e-commerce and its enablement of these small and middle-market firms, interest in manufacturing improvements has grown, and this in turn has ignited the “cobot” movement. So what is a “cobot” and how does it compare to a traditional full scale production robot? 

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Topics: cnc machining, process improvement, contract manufacturing, Cobots

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