Why Engage with a Manufacturing Partner?

Posted by Todd Stukenberg

Jan 4, 2019 4:15:00 PM

As many startup businesses evolve, they follow a common pattern.  An entrepreneur is inspired by an idea or market opportunity and “starts in a garage” or a basement (or their parents’ spare room).  That entrepreneur at the beginning “does it all”, from product design, to marketing and sales, to customer support to manufacturing and shipment or in person delivery.Fusion Production

As the business expands, staff is hired, facilities are leased, and the aforementioned functions all grow right along with the business.  Additionally, the company begins to find its real core competency—the one or two things that really set it apart and give it a competitive edge and clear value proposition.  For many companies, this can be found in technical expertise, market or application knowledge, or intellectual property that can be leveraged and extended.  And while the company may identify and focus on this core competency, given its roots, it still carries the functional responsibilities it did at its inception—just at a larger scale.  In other words, the company, despite being truly an expert in R&D, or product design, or marketing, continues to buy, plan, assemble, manufacture, etc…simply because that’s “what we’ve always done.”

In today’s global business environment, companies would be better served to break from this pattern.  The business world and markets are moving at unprecedented speed.  This rapid change requires “staying ahead” through laser focus and leveraging of the best of current thinking and practices.  One way that progressive companies are addressing this need for enhanced focus and best in class performance is through partnering.  Partnering scenarios allow companies to focus on what they do best, and what separates them from other options in the market.  A clear example is manufacturing partnerships.  When a company is truly a market and technology leader, it can best grow and adapt by focusing on R&D, product development, engineering, pouring its resources and energies into those areas of expertise.  Likewise, manufacturing partners, who focus on the latest in production techniques, technologies and resources, can prove a perfect match.  These partnerships result in the best of all worlds:  bringing experts together toward serving the market the most effective and efficient way possible.  Fusion OEM is just that type of manufacturing partner, ready to apply our many years of experience with design for manufacturability, production automation and sharp process management for businesses of all sizes and industries.  Fusion OEM’s approach is quite simple—we review your current situation and opportunity with you, offer our suggestions on opportunities for gains in efficiency and quality and then discuss a transition plan.  For more information on partnering with us, click here

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