Kanban And CNC Machining

CNC Machining

To Meet Your Ever-Changing Production Demands

When you place an order for machine parts, you don’t want to worry about each step of the process.

Rather, that’s why you have a contract machining partner: From first order entry to final shipment, your CNC machining is finalized and parts only ship when they meet your highest standard.

Fusion OEM mills and turns production runs of consistently high-quality aluminum, steel and plastic parts – delivered to your door right when you need them. Our contract CNC milling services and turning services guarantee that you receive consistent parts from first to final production run.

Complete Piece Part Solution:

Avoid managing multiple vendors by placing a single purchase order with Fusion OEM. With short-run machining partners all across the Chicago area, Fusion OEM has access to any sub-process your order requires. From material to paint, Fusion OEM provides you with a complete part. You place the order, and we take care of the rest.

Lean Manufacturing And Machining:

Our intensive lean initiatives allow you to reap the savings of our reduced costs and lead times. With our lean manufacturing approach, we’re glad to pass along the savings to you.

Kanban CNC Machining:

Get your parts only when you need them by entrusting your order to our Kanban inventory system. After we receive an initial blanket order, Fusion OEM’s internal tracking system determines when your next batch of parts is ready to run. This limits your inventory and production costs so that you get parts precisely on time – no sooner, no later.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI):

If a Just-In-Time manufacturing solution doesn’t fit your ever-changing demand, Fusion OEM’s VMI system produces and stocks your finished goods, releasing them to you as you require.

Our CNC Machining Equipment:

Learn more about how Fusion OEM’s latest CAM software and Haas Automation equipment keep your production running smooth and profitably.

Click below to discover the many ways Fusion OEM’s CNC machining solutions relieve your business of production effort while keeping your bottom line just as profitable.

Our Equipment

Fusion OEM mills and turns production runs of consistently high-quality aluminum, steel, and plastic parts.

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