PLC Programming

Product Design

Engineering Services To Curb And Control Your Costs

Your control panels and integrated machine controls could be more efficient by lowering your installation costs, operational costs and maintenance costs – and thus raising your profit margins.

Here’s the secret: With the right PLC programming, HMI programming or other control design engineering services, those cost savings are within reach for your business.

At Fusion OEM, our creative engineers develop cost-saving solutions through a stringent analysis of your technical and business needs, revolutionizing your existing control panels or integrated machine controls. In fact, this practice has become so successful that past customers have nicknamed it the “Fusionize it!” process.

Our control panel building and control design engineering services include:

Control Design Engineering:

  • Off-the-shelf products are widely used to facilitate easy replacement for repair and maintenance.

PLC Programming Services:

  • All Fusion PLC control panel programming is thoroughly structured, detailed and commented with state logic for easy hand-off.
  • Fault logic protects the system and the user.
  • Data logic tracks system performance over time.

HMI Programming Services:

  • Human-machine interface (HMI) screens are designed logically for an intuitive and easy-to-use product.
  • Graphics are favored over text for language independence and simplicity.
  • Security levels are designed per customer preferences to define user- and group-level permissions.
  • Screens are designed to provide real-time system performance data per customer specifications.


  • Process flow-charts are created in Microsoft Visio block format for your review and approval.
  • Complete schematics are created in AutoCAD, using JIC standard symbols and abbreviations.
  • 2D and 3D control panel layouts are created in AutoCAD (2D), Autodesk Inventor (3D) or SolidWorks (3D).
  • Fusion OEM also provides complete BOMs, field installation drawings and user manuals.

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