Control Panel Building

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UL 508A Certified For Quality Assurance

The decision to outsource your control panel building isn’t always an easy one.

Not only should the control panel manufacturer have a UL 508A certification, but you also want a partner you trust to do a quality job. That partner is Fusion OEM.

Our experienced, meticulous technicians understand how each control panel is critical to your success and produce high- and low-voltage industrial control panels that are functionally and aesthetically superior.

Rely on Fusion OEM’s UL 508A-certified panel shop to build the control panels you need for:

  • Machine automation
  • Communication equipment
  • Motor control (both high- and low-voltage)
  • Process control
  • Conveyor control
  • Tests and measurement
  • Hazardous environments (explosion proof)

Control Panel Building Focused On Your Needs

Your specifications and preferences truly drive and direct our control panel building process – we even build and maintain in-house training materials customized to your needs and requirements. And at the end of the build process, we provide you with documentation that includes each of your approved changes, red-lined for quicker drawing package updates in the future.

Industrial control panel building through Fusion OEM also includes the following benefits:

  • All wires are ferruled and tagged with laser-printed, self-laminated labels or thermal transfer heat-shrink labels.
  • All wires are tested for point-to-point continuity.
  • All ribbon cables and DB9 cables are tested for continuity and proper pin-out using dedicated test equipment.
  • Terminal blocks incorporate plotted markers.
  • All panels are constructed with field serviceability in mind.
  • Each connection is double-checked to ensure proper execution and validation.
  • Engineering support is available for all control panel builds.
  • Custom-soldered communication or miscellaneous control cables are available.

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