Shop Capacity and Efficiency…Delivered to the Front Door!

ER5 with parts plate

Introducing Fusion Cobotics, a Universal Robots Certified Integrator offering cobot-based machine-tending solutions ready to produce!


Cobot systems are a fast, safe and simple way to increase your capacity and re-focus your machinists and operators on high value activities, like CAM, setup and inspection.  The Cobot performs the routine loading and unloading of parts, while valuable staff ensures your shop is efficient.

• Fully-integrated, turnkey system; everything needed for CNC machine tending, including Easy Robotics' market-leading cobot and material management systems.

• On the floor, working at a machining center days after order!

• Cost effective: payback period in less than a year for most applications; also refocuses key technical resources on critical activities.

• Designed by machinists, for machinists; comes with years of application and setup experience built in to design.

•  Systems are comprised of industry-leading and proven parts: cobot, material and system base, gripping unit.  All have been carefully selected and tested in Fusion Cobotics own machining environment to ensure the highest performance, all from a single source.

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Functional for a variety of applications:

Milling operations

Part tending