Quick Service For Your QSR Needs


Setting The Bar For QSR And Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers

As a quick service restaurant (QSR) equipment manufacturer, you’re constantly producing new equipment as menus and restaurant equipment needs change.

While a new menu item might mean orders for thousands of new units over the next six to 36 months, after the rollout is complete, you may be filling orders for only 3% of the initial demand over the next seven to 10 years. Such weak demand – matched with the industry norm to supply spare parts, sub-assemblies and on-hand inventories for up to a decade since initial production – and your manufacturing costs aren’t necessarily worth the continued effort.

Yet at the same time, QSR franchisees prefer to use the same restaurant equipment year to year because of the following:

  • Franchisees prefer to use restaurant equipment with already-proven results
  • Similar QSR equipment eases the duplication or expansion of a restaurant
  • Having the same restaurant equipment decreases training time for the high turnover rates of the QSR industry

As a restaurant equipment manufacturer, how do you continue to meet these QSR customer demands and still maintain profitable production, particularly on restaurant equipment that’s almost a decade old?

Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your OEM’s sales come from 20% of its products. So, focus on that key 20% and leave the rest of your production and inventory needs to an outsourced restaurant equipment manufacturer.

With contract manufacturing from Fusion OEM, you dramatically improve the profitability of your restaurant equipment production and a Product Line Simplification (PLS) eliminates the worry and headache of your older, legacy products.

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