The Production Continuum Process

Legacy Manufacturing

Your Private Label Manufacturing Solution

You can’t afford to let your legacy products fall out of production, even as their stage in the product lifecycle wanes – but you also can’t afford to sacrifice your manufacturing capacity to these reduced revenue sources.

That’s why Fusion OEM has developed the most efficient and cost-effective private label manufacturing process in the entire industry. We’re dedicated to helping you keep your legacy devices and components in production for as long as you and your customers require.

Our outsourced manufacturing solutions include the following phases:

  • Pre-Production Review
    • Re-engineering analysis of product design to identify value opportunities
    • In-depth cost analysis of production process, parts, shipping costs, etc.
  • Ongoing Production Review
    • Review processes, costs and design during outsourced production to identify areas for cost savings or process improvements
  • Post-Production Review
    • In-depth and snapshot cost analyses show you how the projects have performed – and where to make improvements in the future

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