LED lights in machine shop

4 Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting for Manufacturers

Contract manufacturers are continually seeking to maximize efficiencies that help meet financial goals and generate competitive advantage. At Fusion, we have taken it a step further and embraced the tremendous potential for plant floor optimization that literally hangs right over our heads — in our lighting system. LED, also known as light-emitting diode, is an energy-efficient source of lighting. We have replaced our T8 fluorescent bulbs with this lighting and realized the following benefits:

  1. Health and Safety. In the manufacturing industry, there are plenty of physical ailments attributed to poor lighting in the workplace, from migraines to eye strain. Because of its position on the temperature scale and color index, LED lighting supports positive moods, extended wakefulness, and faster performance. Furthermore, the high quality of LED lighting allows our manufacturing team to be fully aware of their surroundings, and we continue to maintain an outstanding safety record.
  2. Productivity. Workplace lighting is not a backdrop to productivity, but an essential ingredient. LED lighting gives manufacturers unprecedented control over color temperature, and studies have shown that not all lights can achieve the same effect. For example, the wavelength of LED lighting has a white, clear quality akin to natural sunlight. Production workers not only perceive this light as brighter, but also take it as a cue for tapping their body’s peak energy levels.
  3. Quality. Ineffective lighting can obscure fine detail that production employees might need to see in order to complete work assignments accurately. The brightness of LED lighting supports our commitment to quality by providing our team with the resources they need to produce quality products and services. As a result, errors are minimized and we continue to uphold the standards established as a certified ISO 9001:2015 contract manufacturer.
  4. Savings. LEDs are energy efficient and designed to last for years, virtually eliminating the need for sporadic maintenance to replace burned-out bulbs, and the direct and indirect costs associated with doing so. Furthermore, unlike their harsh fluorescent counterparts, LED lights can be adjusted to emit light in specific directions. As a result, we are able to illuminate specific work cells while leaving other areas to be more warmly lit.

    Contract manufacturers that understand what drives productivity and quality get the most out of their talent and, as a result, produce better products, offer greater service and, ultimately, generate higher revenue. Better-quality lighting overhead means safer, more efficient operations on the production floor. On multiple fronts, outdated lighting simply can’t compete with today’s smart lighting and controls. Installing LED lighting was a simple change that saves on our costs and improves the quality of work to everyone’s benefit. Continuing to invest in our business transformed our lighting from a necessary expense to a strategic asset.