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5 Benefits of Conducting ISO 9001:2008 Client Surveys

As an ISO 9001: 2008 certified contract manufacturer (CM), Fusion OEM is required to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Results from these surveys are used to drive improvements in our business, strengthen our client relationships, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our surveys, conducted annually, provide an opportunity for our customers to share their opinion of our services. We ask questions in several different areas, including customer service, product quality and the policies and procedures of our business. Our survey is designed to make Fusion a better contract manufacturer. Here are several ways that we benefit:

Start Conversation. Our survey allows write-in comments, open-ended questions designed to allow customers to include any type of related product or service that is a priority to them. In addition, clients are able to discuss potential concerns or opportunities at length, which can lead to richer follow-up conversations. If your customers know you care enough to ask what they like and dislike about your manufacturing company, you may have a high repeat business rate. Paying attention to their comments tells them that they’re more than just a revenue stream to you. In addition, if you receive credible complaints from known customers, contact them to explain changes that will be instituted as a result.

Strengthen Relationships. By inviting customers to talk to you and through careful design of your survey you can effectively inform your customers about things they may not know or remind them of important changes or innovations in your manufacturing company. This is clever because customers will read your survey more carefully than most other communication you send them.

Collect Data. Our customer satisfaction survey asks questions about the client’s satisfaction with our product or services. In addition to asking about quality, we include an open-ended question about how you can improve. We also send the survey via email in two formats to return electronically in order to facilitate an easy response. To add a personal touch, we pre-populate each survey with our client’s contact information. Simplifying completion of the survey ensures a high response rate.

Spot Trends. A well-designed survey can you help you understand the drivers behind the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers. In addition, you can benefit from the insight of your clients by asking them for their ideas and spotting patterns in their feedback. Spotting such trends ahead of competition could offer you a significant advantage.

Retain Customers. Well written and effective customer satisfaction surveys allow us to receive insight into the future needs of our clients and the direction to take our company with the products or services provided. In addition, a loyal customer is more likely to buy related products and services, recommend our contract manufacturing services to prospective customers, be more pleasant to deal with and more forgiving when problems arise.

When the surveys are completed and the results tabulated, the opportunity to communicate with our customers isn’t over. One of our Core Values is showing gratitude. To live out this value, we send each clients that completes the survey a handwritten thank you note and a giftcard. Not only does it reinforce our appreciation for taking the time to complete the survey, it is a way to emphasize our gratitude for having them as customers. Fusion prides itself on building partnerships with each of our clients, so no interaction should ever feel like a transaction. We value feedback and want our clients to know how it’s used.

The ISO 9001 standard identifies Customer Satisfaction as one of the key measurements of the performance of the organization and quality management system. Communication with our clients is an essential driver to the growth of our business and stronger relationships. Knowing what keeps our customers coming back over and over again is the secret to our success.

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