Amper Makes Forbes List

Amper Technologies Achieves Forbes 30 Under 30 Listing

Amper Technologies has made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list! Quite impressive and we understand why, being one of their customers.

Amper Technologies provides end-to-end machine monitoring software for your factory floor. Their non-invasive sensors give you real time data allowing you to identify leading causes of downtime, track machine performance, and alerts you when a machine goes down.

We utilize Amper’s data aquisition technology in our machine shops at Fusion. We can see what is happening on the shop floor continuously right from our desks, on a screen. Previously we would have to try to find time to check in with each employee and machine and put together a spreadsheet. We just didn’t have the resources to keep this method up, nor was it really effective.

This software is not only easy to install, it is inexpensive, and there is incredible ROI.

Using their product has resulted in great gains in productivity and efficiency, and allows us to make decisions on the spot when needed. It has also helped us train better.