Announcing Our Cobot Video Series from Fusion/IMEC's Open House Event

    Posted by Craig Zoberis

    Aug 20, 2019, 6:57:00 PM

    We opened our facilities in Burr Ridge for an open house event last month co-hosted by IMEC. The event focused on Solving the Manufacturing Labor Challenge. Presenters took to a variety of topics around cobots along with tours of our machine shop, and a mini-trade show. There are 6 total videos you can watch in the series. Subscribe to our YouTube page for future event coverage, trainings and cobot demonstrations.

    Cobot Series: Video 1

    Misa Ilkhechi of Universal Robots and Carson Weaver of FPE Automation discuss cobots and the labor 1-2

    Cobot Series: Video 2

    Adam Schmidt of Robotiq discusses how cobot automation is freeing human hands from repetitive tasks.

    Cobot Series: Video 3

    Scott Czysz of IMEC talks about all the machine shop productivity opportunities that exist.

    Cobot Series: Video 4

    Akshat Thirani of Amper Technologies discusses how to make your machines ruthlessly efficient.


    Cobot Series: Video 5

    Mike Senko of BKD CPAs & Associates discusses how to calculate the ROI of cobotic automation.

    Cobot Series: Video 6 - Making Chips Podcast

    Cobotics Innovation Paves the Way of the Future.


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