Overcoming the Challenge of Manufacturing Talent Recruitment

    Posted by Todd Stukenberg

    Mar 15, 2019 7:47:40 PM

    With the growth in the US economy over the past few years, combined with the RH14efforts to “on-shore” manufacturing back to the US demand for resources is high.  This current environment, with the lingering effects of the misperception that manufacturing is “20th Century”, makes hiring manufacturing talent challenging.

     However, there are things manufacturers can do to peak the interest of a new generation of talent who may not fully understand the appeal of a career in manufacturing: 

    1. Manufacturing IS a technology business:  from automation/cobots/robotics, data analytics and artificial intelligence systems to sophisticated CNC machine tools, and more, manufacturing has been embracing the rapid evolution of technology for decades.  Careers in manufacturing offer opportunities to really get “hands on” in applied technology.


    1. Manufacturing is still driving the world: driverless cars, drone-based package delivery, solar and wind energy are all compelling and will change our day-to-day lives.  However, those systems will still need to be produced/manufactured.  And manufacturers, manufacturing technology and talent will step up to make all of those important revolutions of the future a reality. 


    1. Manufacturing jobs, due to their complexity, will challenge with demand for new skills and development, never become monotonous and boring, and as a result, offer compelling wages and stable employment.

    Therefore, as manufacturers seek new talent to fill their demand, consider including these concepts in job descriptions and recruiting materials.  When talent is short, or demand spikes, consider manufacturing partners like Fusion OEM.  We can help by taking legacy production or assist with new technology application like Cobots.  to learn more!

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