Manufacturing 2025:  How America is Back in Production

    Posted by Todd Stukenberg

    Jan 25, 2019 4:00:00 PM

    It’s no secret that the United States’ once prominent and thriving manufacturing base has suffered over the past 4+ decades, as global competition eroded American competitive advantages.  However, as global standards of living have improved and thereby increased the cost of overseas manufacturing, American manufacturers have embraced technology to regain competitive position.  This adoption of automation, robots/cobotics, and data analytics have combined with manufacturing-friendly governmental policy to spark growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector.  So what are these technologies and what do they project for the manufacturing sector at the quarter century milestone of 2025?

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    Manufacturing Services: 5 Undeniable Signs China Is Losing The Battle

    Posted by Craig Zoberis

    Jun 4, 2014 1:27:00 PM

    In a recent announcement released by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), more than half of the 200 U.S. companies with sales greater than $1 billion are moving contract manufacturing services back to the United States instead of offshoring to countries like China.

    As stated by Harold Sirkin, senior partner at BCG:

    Over the past couple of years, we’ve projected an improvement in U.S. manufacturing competitiveness by 2015 that would help drive an American manufacturing revival. The results of our latest survey make clear that a profound shift in attitude is beginning.

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