7 Myths About Contract Manufacturing That Need To Be Busted

    Posted by Craig Zoberis

    Oct 8, 2014 1:20:19 PM

    The world of contract manufacturing is riddled with myths and beliefs about the manufacturing or product development process that simply aren’t true.

    Unfortunately, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) believe these myths – often to the detriment of their businesses and their bottom lines. If you want to see success in your contract manufacturing efforts, you need to leave these falsehoods behind.

    Here are the seven most common myths about contract manufacturing and why they need to be busted:

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    Crafting A Lean Culture Around Continuous Improvement

    Posted by Craig Zoberis

    Sep 16, 2014 6:00:00 AM

    It’s a mistake many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) make: They assume that lean initiatives are one-time fixes or a set of tools to be used occasionally. But using a lean manufacturing approach like this is likely to yield disappointing results.

    Lean manufacturing isn’t just a temporary tool or passing fad – it’s an imperative for OEMs and contract manufacturers looking to maintain (or gain) a competitive advantage. Yet, there’s no way to ensure your lean manufacturing programs are properly implemented unless you have a lean culture to maintain those ongoing initiatives.

    Crafting A Lean Culture

    Transitioning to a lean mindset means about 20 percent of your work involves process improvements and eliminating inefficiencies and about 80 percent of your work involves creating a lean culture. This is because your employees are the heart of all lean manufacturing: Their workflow, attitudes, outlooks and working relationships all determine the profitability of your lean manufacturing services.

    Without a sustainable lean culture, your continuous improvement efforts ultimately grind to a halt. Why? Because without employee-driven, culture-based decision making, old and inefficient working habits eventually resurface. Also, if your employees aren’t constantly looking to improve, your processes fall victim to efficiency entropy.

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    4 Reasons Why Lean Manufacturing Culture Must Begin With Top Leaders

    Posted by Craig Zoberis

    Sep 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

    Every Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has heard of lean manufacturing – it’s talked about at trade shows, industry blogs and in nearly every book on manufacturing ever published. You also know why it’s essential that your outsourced contract manufacturer employ lean manufacturing services.

    While you’ve likely implemented a few lean practices at your facility – and required your contract manufacturer to as well – in order to reap the long-term returns of lean, you need to develop a lean culture among your employees, not just lean programs.

    So what’s the best way to start developing a lean culture throughout your company? Start with yourself.

    Here are four reasons why creating a lean culture must begin with top leaders like you:

    Reason #1: Authenticity

    Before your lean manufacturing culture has any impact on your rank-and-file employees, upper management must genuinely embrace its principles and practices. Your employees look to you as a model of the company, so you need to walk the walk of lean culture – and not just talk the talk.

    If your leadership team doesn’t adopt your new lean policies wholeheartedly, you might fuel resentment among lower ranking employees. This negative, resentful atmosphere might cause your other lean initiatives to backfire considerably.

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    Why A Lean Office Is Just As Important As Lean Manufacturing Services

    Posted by Craig Zoberis

    Aug 27, 2014 4:06:00 PM

    As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), you’ve no doubt heard of lean manufacturing. You’ve probably even implemented several lean initiatives on your own production floor.

    However, lean efforts are often overlooked when it comes to your front office and administrative tasks – and that oversight could be costing you significantly.

    Whether you’re looking to cut costs in your own operations or you’re searching for an efficient contract manufacturer with low overhead costs, you must consider the implications of a lean office. In fact, implementing a lean office culture is just as important as employing lean manufacturing services.

    Running a lean office not only reduces your overhead costs, but it ensures that your entire company (and not just the manufacturing crew) is focused on efficient operations and bottom-line profitability.

    Here are a few ways to create a lean mentality throughout your office and administrative tasks:

    1. Stabilize

    You wouldn’t manufacture inconsistent or irregular products on your manufacturing floor, so you shouldn’t tolerate office work that doesn’t produce predictable and repeatable outputs either.

    Unstable office work usually stems from a misunderstanding of customer needs (including internal customers) or from inconsistent employee training. The best way to stabilize your office work and improve profitability is to identify the most wasteful instabilities and hold new training sessions that focus on increasing consistency.

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