Cobot Arm

Cobot Installation: Systems Integrator vs. Do It Yourself

According to a McKinsey & Company article, “Industry 4.0 could have an estimated value-creation potential for manufacturers and suppliers of $3.7 trillion in 2025, and hopes are high that it could bring the next industrial revolution to discrete manufacturing. Yet only about 30 percent of companies are capturing value from Industry 4.0 solutions at scale today. Companies tend to envision technology development going forward instead of identifying the areas of largest impact and tracking those back to Industry 4.0 value drivers.”

One of the reasons cobots are slow to be adapted overall is due to the lack of available manpower to handle the implementation of a new technology, which often, they do not have in place. Think about it like this – if you’re doing home renovations, you can go to the hardware store, buy all the supplies, learn how to do the renovations, and find the time to complete the project over months or even years. Or you can hire a contractor who is an experienced in renovations and can take care of the entire process in a successful, timely manner.

This is the reason our customers hire us to integrate their automated solutions. We take care of evaluating their needs, ensuring they will have the proper hardware required, implementing the new systems, training on how to use the robots, and offer remote support for troubleshooting. So instead of taking manpower away from the floor for these technology integrations or buying the machines yourselves and trying to find time to integrate them, Fusion handles everything from start to finish, having companies up and running with their new automation in a few days’ time.

With integrating automation in your machine shop now, you are not only keeping up with or surpassing your competition, but you are also adding value for employees. Your current employees will welcome not having to do the monotonous tasks they are used to, creating new opportunities for them within the workplace, and job candidates are gravitating toward companies that have the latest technology, that being cobots. Lastly, you will be conquering the predicted labor shortage which is a worldwide manufacturing concern.


Numerous industry publications and studies say cobots will be commonplace, just as the cell phone, or even going all the way back to computers when they first came out. You can make the decision to embrace the technology now and be ahead of the game or wait to do it down the road. Either way, predictions say we’ll all have cobots in our workplace sooner rather than later.

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