Cobot ROI – Part 2

Now that you know how to go about calculating ROI on a potential cobot purchase, we wanted to next cover some additional ROI benefits you may not have thought of yet.

With the introduction of a collaborative robot, you are removing the tasks that no machinist wants to be doing all day and instead training them to perform more cerebral and sophisticated tasks.

There is also a gain in efficiency. Machinists get fatigued, especially if they’re doing monontous or strenuous tasks all day. A cobot doing these same jobs can run 24/7 without losing steam. We are talking about these cobots running during lights-out operation, furthering productivity. You’re also decreasing the likelihood of an accident due to fatigue.

Another benefit is not having to pay for the additional costs that come with an employee such as training costs, benefits, and more.

Lastly, and most importantly, with the tremendous gap in filling manufacturing jobs, a cobot essentially gives you another employee, allowing you to maintain your workload when you are having trouble finding new employees to take over for the retiring baby boomers.

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