Craig with awards

Communicating Your Vision with Rhythm

In addition to winning the 101 Best and Brightest Places to Work in Chicago for the third year in a row, this year Fusion won an elite award in the Communication and Shared Vision category. This award is significant because it is based on both anonymous employee feedback as well as sharing what we do here at Fusion everyday via video and written content.

As a contract manufacturer (CM), we know that communicating the vision of the company is an opportunity to invigorate the work force, explain the challenges ahead, and discuss the plan for getting there. One of the many ways in which Fusion can be distinguished from other companies is the manner in which we define our organization’s mission and purpose. Rather than having a mission statement that simply defines the objective of our company, in January of 2013 I created our “Painted Picture”, a very specific vision of what the Company will look and feel like by December 31st, 2015. Fusion’s Painted Picture illustrates our multiple goals customized for clients, employees, company culture, customer service, sales, facilities and leadership structures. The Painted Picture depicts active strategies and connects them to each individual employee. The Painted Picture illuminates where Fusion is today, where Fusion will be by the end of the three year period, and how each employee will contribute to our evolution.

It is this transparency and constant communication that make Fusion a successful manufacturer. Our Monthly Meetings enable all employees to have real time access to the current state of the company, the progress we’ve made toward our goals and the policy updates that take place in our fast growing organization. In addition to this content, Fusion also hosts Team Lunches at our Monthly Meeting. During these events, lunch is provided and departments are mixed to encourage the development of new relationships. Getting to know each other in a casual setting has proven to be a successful opportunity for group mentoring and for our team to learn new skills from their peers.

Sharing a meal in a team environment has proven to be a great segue to the next component of our Monthly Meeting, our Fusion “Rockstar” program. This bonus program is entirely based on employees voting for their peers without the input of Management. Employees are asked to consider the employee that best exemplifies our Core Values and nominate them for consideration. The monthly winner receives a monetary bonus and a designated parking spot. The yearly winner receives the aforementioned rewards in addition to a complete concert experience at a show of their choice. Our monthly Fusion Rockstar is announced at the company-wide daily huddle, posted on our company Facebook page, and they also autograph our Rockstar guitar, which is prominently displayed in the front office for employees and guests to see everyday. This tangible method of employee recognition is yet another way that employees are able to celebrate professional accomplishments.

The last component to our Monthly Meeting focuses on wellness. As part of Fusion’s wellness program, speakers from different community organizations present information on wellness topics after our Team Lunch. It is Fusion’s practice to not only elevate employee awareness on wellness topics, but also identify organizations involved with specific wellness topics. We partner with non-profits and local businesses to engage employees and strengthen our presence in the community.

Fusion’s Monthly Meeting is a proven method of encouraging open and honest communication in an engaged environment. It is a reflection of our transparent culture and a core element of our success.