D.I.Y. or D.I.F.M.? Getting started with Cobots on your Manufacturing Floor

It’s an age-old question: should I do it myself or have someone else handle the job? As cobots, the human collaborative/friendly “cousin” of the industrial robot, are taking their place in the worlds of manufacturing, machining and assembly, many are asking this same question. Cobots offer increased simplicity of setup and utilization, however, is it really best to go it along for your application?  There are many contributing factors to consider when answering this question. While ultimately the best choice will truly depend on individual circumstances, the case for getting experienced guidance and support when deploying these modern marvels is strong.

Things to consider:

  1. Utilizing internal resources takes that resource away from vital other daily work within your business. It’s akin to working “on” the business and on true revenue producing activity vs working “in” the business.
  2. Outside experience can provide a level of creativity and exposure to your application that otherwise won’t exist. This can often result in a best-case deployment, maximizing the value of the investment and minimizing the expense of “trial and error”.
  3. Certified integration specialists ensure that the Cobot setup is compliant with standards and the manufacturer’s requirements, keeping warranties valid.

For more information on Fusion’s Cobot Systems Integration Services and Products, please contact us at cobotics@fusionoem.com or at 866-952-9020.