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A Firsthand Story: Why I Implemented Cobots at my Machine Shop

This Universal Robots webinar will feature Joe Campbell and Brian Conner of Universal Robots and Craig Zoberis of Fusion OEM. 

• Collaborative robot basics: technology, safety, and projected growth
• How cobots helped Fusion combat the growing skills gap
• How cobots work alongside Fusion’s machinists, allowing them to focus on more advanced tasks
• Real-time data tracking of CNC machine performance, both before and after robot integration

Past Events

Upcoming Webinar: May 12th

How Advances in Grippers and Collaborative Robots are Solving Automation Challenges

What’s easy for humans can be so hard for a robot. But innovations in gripping, software, and collaborative robots are leading to rapidly improving capabilities — while increasing the number of possible applications. It’s now simpler, quicker, and cheaper to automate sophisticated solutions in manufacturing, assembly, logistics, warehousing, packaging, and surface finishing.

Join an exclusive conversation moderated by Robert Huschka from the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). You’ll learn more about these technologies, explore potential use-cases, and see how you can apply them in your business. Our expert panel will include:

  • Jim Cooper, FANUC
  • Joe Campbell, Universal Robots
  • Tom Reek, SCHUNK
  • Kristian Hulgard, OnRobot

April 24th! Create a Ruthlessly Efficient Machine Shop: Automation & Technology Webinar

Collaborative robotics – or cobots – are ideal for small and medium enterprises, which have the need for flexible and effective automation that can provide a fast return of investment. The versatility and ease-of-use make cobots an efficient and cost-effective workforce multiplier.

This webinar will focus on how to increase the productivity of your manufacturing facility by incorporating automation into your processes.

Our slate of mini-sessions include:

  • Hear the story from Fusion on their successful integration of cobots and real-time data tracking with their CNC machines
  • Discover how to evaluate overall equipment effectiveness and productivity
  • Learn how cobots can help to address the current manufacturing labor shortage and allow you to continue production during a crisis

If these apply to you, plan to join us on April 24!

  • Machine Shop Owner or Manager
  • Need a reliable CNC machine tending solution
  • Seeking to opt-out of the skills gap
  • Tired of being short staffed
  • In search of continuous operation in your machine shop to maximize productivity
  • Wants their machinists working on more sophisticated tasks than just machine tending
  • Desire to stay ahead of your competition
  • Seeking solutions to attract millennials with the latest technology

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