Fox Business Network Live From Fusion Headquarters

Fusion was thrilled to have the Fox Business Network crew come out to broadcast live from Fusion’s headquarters on Friday, October 4th, just in time for Manufacturing Day.

The segments focused on Fusion’s machine shop and the cobots they put to work alongside their employees.

Reporter Grady Trimble interviewed Craig Zoberis, president at Fusion. They discussed new ways to think about manufacturing careers, how manufacturing is evolving and the skill set offered by cobots for workers.

Featured below, is a clip from Mornings with Maria.

Show panelist James Freeman, Wall Street Journal Assistant Editorial Page Editor, commented, “I don’t think we need to fear the ‘brobot’ culture. We’ve got this job market where companies cannot find the workers so there’s always concern where technology is going to replace us, but the history is that new technology destroys some jobs but creates many more.”

Host, Maria Bartiromo, pointed out “I think it’s important to recognize when we were in the dot-com boom, and the dot-com buzz we didn’t know half the jobs that would be created. So a lot of companies were adapting to this new digital world that then meant some jobs going away. We didn’t know about coders, engineering jobs, we didn’t know about those people who mine and organize data. So there will be jobs that will be created in this revolution that we don’t know about yet.”

Another comment made on the panel was “If you know how to go ahead and work with robots…if you have the opportunity to become more innovative, creative and inventive, that’s just great.”

Concluding the discussion was Dagen McDowell, Fox Business Network Anchor, who said “I think the American people have been sold a big lie by politicians that you need a quarter of a million dollar education to be smart and accepted in this world. Hire out of high school, technology companies!”

Coverage of the broadcast can be found here.