Fusion’s Cobot Customer Speaks About Improvements with Automation to Fox News

Tom Richardson of Conveyor Accessories visited Fusion headquarters when Fox News was here broadcasting live on After the Bell to discuss his cobot journey with Fusion.

Tom is a well respected owner in the industry, having successfully run his business for over 40 years now. Located down the street from Fusion, he became aware of Fusion’s cobot services.

Frequently, the baby boomer generation and those before them are hesitant or outright against adapting new technology to do the processes they have been used to doing a certain way for years. Tom is the exact opposite. He sees the immense opportunity in investing in cobots and he did just that with Fusion’s cobot integration services.

“We needed to increase our efficiency and make the operation quicker,” said Richardson.

Grady Trimble, the Fox reporter interviewing him, prompted “Robots don’t take human jobs?” Richardson replied “It works in reverse. You have better, higher skilled people. It gives them a lot more purpose and they see the earining potential. Instead of mundane tasks, they learn to program these types of robots. So their job level really goes up. We run ours [cobot] 11 hours a day. It never gets tired; never complains.”

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