Fusion’s Ecosystem

Manufacturing leaders are constantly searching for ways to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. How does one drive positive business outcomes? Increase profits? Keep costs down? Retain existing customers and attract new ones? At Fusion, we have managed to meet all of these goals, and the secret to our success lies in one simple word: relationships. Our focus on building and maintaining successful relationships with our employees, customers, and vendors has created an ecosystem of positivity and open, honest communication.

Employees as Advocates

Not just a trendy buzzword, employee engagement refers to employees experiencing an absorbing and meaningful relationship with their work. This is vital because meaningful relationships positively affect the work environment. If employees feel that their work doesn’t make a significant difference, run into constant obstacles and bottlenecks, and lack the training and resources necessary to perform at their best, there will be a limit on the quality of the products, services and experiences that clients receive. Therefore, your team’s level of engagement has a direct impact on the outcomes of your company.

If you don’t provide a productive, positive environment for your employees, how can you expect them to provide the right environment for your customers? We ask ourselves this question when making key business decisions because we realize that engaged employees are more likely to build relationships with customers. Customers can easily see when employees are inspired, committed and passionate about their work. Moreover, engaged employees are have a greater willingness to be flexible to customer requests, one of our six Core Values.

Transparency With Our Customers

Relationships are an important aspect of doing business, and few businesses can survive without establishing solid relationships with their customers. Fusion’s relationships are centered on transparency. Right from the start, we provide our contract manufacturing customers with the production processes, materials cost, direct labor costs, overhead costs and profits promptly and with confidence. This creates a true partnership where we act as an extension of their business.

The transparency doesn’t end after the quote is delivered, either. As a long-term production continuum partner, our customers receive periodic production metric check-ins with a detailed report showing project’s KPIs and profitability breakdown. As their project evolves, our customers are then able to see how long-term changes affect the overall price of the product – letting them make confident, informed decisions every step of the way.

Vendors are our Partners

Establishing and maintaining solid vendor relationships is crucial to customer service, cost efficiency, quality and product development. Some manufacturers feel that supplier compensation begins and ends with “pay to the order of.” We work hard to make sure this is never the case. A vendor relationship that consists of trust and approachability is critical in original equipment manufacturing because it relies on repeat business. In essence, their success is our success.

Dependable vendors with proven records of quality products have contributed to our accomplishments, but we take it a step further. Putting effort into building a solid working relationship with our vendors has led to the creation of a true business partnership based on communication and honesty. The success of a project is multiplied because our vendors are treated as trusted advisors who provide insight on our projects based on their expertise.

Creating a Great Ecosystem is the Secret

Fusion has successfully developed an ecosystem of transparency and high performance with our employees, customers and vendors. This system, rooted in open, positive communication, is our secret to remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving contract manufacturing industry. Highly engaged employees put customers first. Open communication with customers ensures aligned expectations. Partnering with our vendors allows us to deliver quality products. Putting forth the effort into selecting, cultivating and building these relationships has made all the difference.

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