Jennifer - Fusion Employee

Getting Millennials in the Door

In this industry we have all been hearing about how the baby boomer generation is retiring and there aren’t enough people to replace those jobs, mainly the millennials who are few and far between in pursing this field. By 2025, Generation Y will account for 75% of the global workplace. So how do you get them to come to your door? Many employers are discovering they must adapt their hiring and management style for this newer generation.

First and foremost, having the latest technology in place already, robots, for example, is what is going to attract millennials. There is also a chance they will pursue your company over another that is considered antiquated in their tech. They want to know you are competitive and up to date with the latest.

Next, when you craft your job opening description, be clear on what the candidate’s importance will ultimately be in association with their daily responsibilities. Include any core values your company has, along with any awards your company has received. This is the time to flaunt what you’ve got. Also, as a good marketing practice, make sure these items are on your website and social media as well.

Make your application convenient and mobile-friendly, where someone can fill out an email form from their phone or tablet. After all, everything is mobile now.

Millennials are “interviewing” your company just as much as you’re interviewing them for the job. They are going to visit your website and social media. They’re going on Glassdoor and Google for reviews. They’re asking people they know in the industry. How does your company measure up?

In addition, these candidates are taking note to see if their work will make any kind of impact on a larger scale. This younger generation wants to make positive changes in the world, and know they had a small hand in those changes, however their day to day tasks play out.

Is your organization contributing to the community at large, or helping the environment? You can have a designated charity you donate to, volunteering as a company, scholarship funds set up, STEM student programs, or the like. If you look at companies like TOMS shoes, they donate 1 pair of shoes to needy communities for every pair of shoes you buy. You feel good about your purchase. If you consider several local craft breweries, they often get the leftover grain from nearby farms to use in their products so waste is eliminated. Be creative and have some type of giveback.

Also to consider is are your staff members who are meeting with this candidate authentic and genuine? The interviewees are looking for co-workers and managers who are going to be accessible and relatable.

Do you have a work hard, play hard mentality? Do you offer a sufficient work/life balance? Is your office stuffy or more relaxed? Do you have team building activities and birthday celebrations? Do you offer free goodies or lunches occasionally? These small gestures can go a long way in creating a culture of appreciation and it doesn’t always have to cost a ton.

Lastly, this generation is looking for regular feedback. If you consider the immediate responses they receive on social media posts, they are used to this process and want to know how they’re doing. They also want to know what their career path looks like.

It doesn’t appear that what millennials want is out of the ordinary, and in fact, they may be onto something with an overall more conscientious workplace.