Wellness Program - Staff with Water Bottles

Great Wellness Programs = Great Team Productivity

Workplace wellness programs are becoming more popular as companies search for ways to reduce their costs and improve their bottom line. They provide the company with strategic advantages by investing money in a program that brings them high returns in the form of better performing workers, lower absenteeism and health care expenses.

Building a Culture of Wellness

At Fusion OEM, we provide employees with the benefit of working in an environment that places a high value on wellness. Every employee’s compensation and benefit package includes Wellness Dollars. Wellness Dollars may be spent on anything that may contribute to an employee’s overall wellness. Wellness Dollars may be used for the obvious options, such as gym memberships, weight loss programs and smoking cessation programs.

Every employee’s compensation and benefit package also includes Wellness Coaching, a comprehensive program tailored to employee’s individual wellness goals. The Wellness Program is supported by Fusion alone and is supplementary to the health and welfare options in place through employee health insurance. Sessions may be done via phone or email in order to accommodate employee’s schedules. Topics of interest range from smoking cessation to weight loss to stress management. This unique benefit has helped our employees meet their wellness goals and become informed about the health topics that affect them directly.

Additionally, our Wellness Program provides comprehensive information on topics employees have identified as interesting. Each month a different Wellness topic is discussed and Fusion provides experts to present education and resources to the team. These presentations have included education regarding nutrition, exercise, stress management, mental health, cancer prevention, personal goal setting and financial wellness. Fusion’s emphasis on employee health and wellbeing plays a large role in our creation of innovative compensation and benefits strategies.

Fusion partners with a third party vendor to provide all employees the opportunity to participate in on-site health screenings each year. On-site health screenings are free of charge to employees. The health screening results are provided to each employee and our third party vendor works with employees to identify areas of concern and offers free online educational materials to all employees. Employees identified by the third party vendor as low risk for health problems are rewarded by Fusion with deep discounts on Company subsidized health insurance.

Small Changes, Big Results

The culture of wellness within Fusion has vastly changed employee attitudes toward their health. Many employees are proactively addressing their personal wellness as a result of our Wellness Program. Three employees in particular embarked on a journey to lose weight together and improve their overall health. They decided to hold a competition to see who could lose the highest percentage of their body weight. For accountability, they informed me of their competition and the corresponding monetary incentive. I was so inspired that I added an additionally bonus for the competition winner. As a result, the three employees collectively lost over 83 lbs. Other employees have improved their eating habits, exercise regularly and include their family members in their wellness activities.

Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. Therefore, their welfare has a direct impact on our success.  By providing workers with these services, Fusion OEM manages to improve both wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raise retention rates.