Hire for Attitude, Train for Aptitude

In today’s economy, the search for manufacturing talent is more intense than ever. Reports of the widening skills gap appear in the news practically every day. As a rapidly expanding contract manufacturer, Fusion has successfully addressed this issue by redesigning our hiring process to attract and retain the best and brightest applicants.

Prior to this change, our screening processes weren’t as conducive to discovering soft skills. Instead, we used a series of written tests to measure technical aptitude. This traditional method did not lead to building much-needed conversations to find out who our applicants were. We wanted to know their strengths, their weaknesses, their goals, passions – who they were as people, not a set of scores.

Now during the revised Fusion interview and screening process, Department Managers pay particular attention to soft skills, characteristics that enable someone to interact effectively with other people. We place as much, if not more, emphasis on hiring an applicant that will fit culturally within our organization than hiring an applicant with superior technical skills.

Soft skills that are essential for successful manufacturing talent include: a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, a positive attitude, and a sense of teamwork. We also look for the ability to listen well and take direction. These qualities enable us to sustain a culture within Fusion that redefines manufacturing. Our team functions well, and we are able to maintain high quality output while keeping a balanced workload.

In addition, our newly developed testing is a hands-on experience that more accurately reflects the work that will be performed. By observing applicants in an assembly environment, we are able to gauge their level of comfort and expertise – something that can’t be measured on paper. Also, we can assess whether candidates can successfully live out our six Core Values:

Strive for Simplicity

Show Gratitude

Be Flexible

Have Fun

See Possibilities

Go Home Safely

Employees are our most valuable asset – our clients hire us for our people and processes. Our rapid growth requires continual focus on hiring manufacturing talent with both the technical and soft skills required to be successful. Using lean thinking to streamline our hiring processes has given us increased efficiency and employees that are the right fit for our team.