Technology Improvement

In with the New: Technologies Improving Modern Manufacturing

While the word “manufacturing” may conjure up the images of dark, cold factory floors of yesteryear for some, present day manufacturers are anything but staid. Manufacturing in the 21st century has become one of the most progressive and in many cases technology-oriented industries in existence.

The world has advanced and expectations for high-precision, high-quality and highly cost-effective have become common.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics are widely discussed and viewed as amazingly impactful to the future of human-kind. Manufacturing has been right in step with this interest and progress, as these capabilities are now being used to assess equipment efficiency, predict reliability and plan preventative maintenance and evaluate potential quality variations prior raw material hitting the production floor.

Automation, robotics and cobots are quickly becoming a part of popular culture, but they have long existed in production environments. A focus on efficiency as well as extending and enhancing the capacity, capabilities and safety of the human workforce has driven adoption.

Companies focused on the art and science of advanced manufacturing are rapidly becoming experts in these areas.

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