Quotes in office

Increasing Productivity through Daily Inspiration

While many manufacturing leaders want to increase their company’s bottom line, only a few are tapping into the greatest tool in their arsenal: inspiring their employees. At Fusion, we know that instilling motivation can be a challenge, but it’s the essential driving factor that leads to both increased productivity and higher retention rates. We have implemented a variety of methods to keep our team inspired, from sharing quotes in our Daily Huddle, on postcards, and even on the mirrors in our bathrooms. Our latest inspiration technique is written on the wall – literally. When moving into our new facility, we knew that how we shape our work environment has a major effect on our team’s mentality. Incorporating our Core Values and Painted Picture were both important, but we wanted to take it a step further. Therefore, we commissioned custom inspirational drawings based on quotes that influence the way we do business.

The process to create the drawings was relatively simple. Using a site called 99Designs, we held a contest for artists to submit their interpretation of our vision. Over 50 extremely talented artists submitted entries, and after much deliberation, we awarded a winner. The end results were stunning. Now, we have 10 unique pieces placed around our office and on our Production floor featuring quotes from a wide range of visionaries, from Eleanor Roosevelt to John Wooden to Jim Collins and many more.

An effective leader understands that the power of words can transform overwhelmed, challenged employees into powerhouse teams that are resilient, hopeful, and engaged. This inspirational artwork has generated meaningful conversations among our employees, clients and visitors to our facility.