Cobot Application

Introducing Fusion Cobotics: Helping Machining Operations Improve Productivity!

Fusion OEM, a leading manufacturing and machining services partner in the Chicagoland area, is branching out with the introduction of Fusion Cobotics. The new venture officially “opened its doors” this year, with the expressed mission of helping the many CNC machining operators in Northern Illinois leverage the incredible technology of cobots. Cobots are becoming much more common in a variety of production applications, and CNC machine tending is perfectly suited for the safe, reliable and flexible efficiency of the cobot. Cobots differ from traditional industrial robots in that they incorporate onboard safety measures that allow them to be in place, side-by-side, with human counterparts. In a machining environment, that means that the Cobot “worker” can work simultaneously in the same work center as a skilled machinist performing setup and checking part production.

Fusion Cobotics will offer customers the ability to “one stop shop” for cobots, parts management systems, parts grippers and effectors as well as application assessment, programming and setup services. Fusion Cobotics is partnering with Universal Robots, the market leader in cobot systems. “Fusion’s experience with operating its own machine shop gives the new venture a wealth of expertise that will be valuable to our mutual customers,” said Misa Ilkechi, Sales Development Manager for Universal Robots. “We’re excited to partner with them to show the Chicago machining community the tremendous benefits of using a cobot in their operations.”

In additional to cobot systems, Fusion is also offering Easy Robotics line of parts management systems and cobot platforms. These systems are critical for appropriate positioning and efficient handling of raw materials as well as finished parts. Per Lachenmeier, CEO of Denmark-based Easy Robotics spoke of the new partnership, saying “It’s very valuable for EasyRobotics to work with industrial companies like Fusion Cobotics, as it brings a lot insight into the industry as well as knowledge about where to automate.”