FUSION Featured in Business Author's blog

May 3, 2010


Mary Kay Plantes, author of Beyond Price: Differentiate Your Company in Ways That Really Matter, has spotlighted Fusion Systems Inc. in her blog as a company that exemplifies the use of a unique business model to accelerate growth and profitability in an industry that has largely been hit hard by the recession.

In her entry, Ms. Plantes highlights Fusion's concentration on manufacturing outsourced Legacy Products with the use of Open Book Pricing to strategically win business by offering clients a cost-effective opportunity to free up their internal resources to focus on new product lines. As Ms. Plantes notes, this unique and bold business model has earned Fusion rapid growth and a spot on the 2009 Inc. 500 List.

For more details, please visit the May 3rd, 2010 blog entry titled "Business Model Innovation Earns 2009 Inc 500 Spot" at www.plantescompany.com/blog Kay Plantes is an MIT-trained economist, business strategy consultant, columnist and author. Business model innovation, strategic leadership and smart economic policies are her professional passions. She resides in Madison, Wisconsin and Oslo, Norway.

Fusion Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial equipment that specializes in private labeling products for OEM's. Fusion provides comprehensive services in mechanical design engineering, control systems integration, high performance machining, and low to medium volume contract electro-mechanical equipment manufacturing. Fusion currently manufactures industrial products for the packaging, medical, printing, and graphics industries. For more information about Fusion please visit www.fusionOEM.com.

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