IMEC Annual Report

February 15, 2013

Fusion OEM featured in IMEC Annual Report

Burr Ridge 50 • employees •

Specializes in low-volume manufacturing, making products for other manufacturers who no longer want to produce them internally, but don’t have the volume to make outsourcing overseas a cost-effective alternative.


Fusion OEM currently serves about a dozen customers in the printing, packaging, oil and gas, and medical industries. The company wants to diversify – while still remaining lean in terms of number of employees - but past efforts to take on additional work have put a strain on Fusion OEM’s infrastructure. The desire to grow led company leadership to the Chicago-based TMA, an Illinois manufacturing association, which recommended IMEC as a resource for lean manufacturing training.

IMEC Solution

IMEC and Fusion OEM started lean implementation in the front office instead of on the shop floor, analyzing processes related to quoting, buying and ordering, then identifying and implementing a series of efficiency improvements. With this step complete, IMEC introduced the rest of the company to lean principles, taking all 50 Fusion OEM employees (office and production workers) through Lean 101 training.


• Increased ability to scale the company and serve additional customers.

• More confidence to survive and grow in a global marketplace.

• Improved morale due to employee involvement and reduced inefficiencies.

• Empowered employees able to complete jobs more efficiently.

“I love the basic concept of IMEC. They help you discover issues, make it clear to your team where those issues lie, identify solutions and then train your people to put those solutions in place and sustain them. As a manufacturer, you only have so much cash available to commit to this kind of work. IMEC is as effective as possible with your money. Every second they were here was beneficial to me and my employees. It was worth every penny we invested.

Craig Zoberis

President, Fusion OEM

Annual Report

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