Open-Book Cost Clarity

Control Building

Clearly Communicated Contract Manufacturing Costs

Whether you’re looking for prototype development, PLC programming or contract manufacturing of your legacy product, you need more than just an outsourced manufacturing vendor: You need a Production Continuum Partner who acts as an extension of your business.

With Open-Book Cost Clarity, you experience that sort of relationship with clearly communicated costs from Fusion OEM. Every precise contract manufacturing cost – and its deeper source – is right at your fingertips so you make the most informed decisions about your manufacturing process and production runs.

Because of increased transparency, the Open-Book Cost Clarity approach eliminates future setbacks and results in greater speed-to-market for your products.

Every Open-Book Cost Clarity quote includes a full, itemized disclosure of all costs and margins, including:

  • Direct labor (man hours by discipline)
  • Materials (direct material costs in relation to the job)
  • Overhead
  • Profit

The transparency doesn’t end after the quote is delivered, either. As a long-term production continuum partner, you receive periodic production metric check-ins with a detailed report showing your project’s KPIs and profitability breakdown. As your project evolves, you’re able to see how long-term changes affect the overall price of your product – letting you make confident, informed decisions every step of the way.

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