Starting 2020 with Collaborative Robots: Webinar Recap

Joe Campbell, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing & Applications Development for Universal Robots, did a webinar yesterday in conjunction with Assembly Magazine on Starting 2020 with Collaborative Robots.

1. He began with talking about the serious labor shortage within the manufacturing industry addressing 500,000 unfilled jobs currently that are open and actively being recruited for. By 2028, predictions are there will be 2.4 million openings.

2. Startlingly, 29% of manufacturing companies have said to turn down new business because they don’t have the labor available to fulfill the jobs.

3. Campbell went on to explain how collaborative robots can fill that huge hole in your company. You can have cobots on your floor working for you essentially 24/7. There is less risk of injury, no costs associated with health insurance and other benefits, and no risk of turnover.

4. He discussed the basics of cobot installation and how to get yours up and running in no time, mentioning Lean Systems Integrators. This is where Fusion comes into the mix. Our agile integration team can turn installations quickly and expertly, quantifying us as a lean systems integrator. We are also a certified systems integrator for Universal Robots.

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