Joe Campbell of UR

Universal Robots’ Joe Campbell Presents at The Assembly Show

Joe Campbell of Universal Robots did a talk on Resolving the Labor Crisis in Manufacturing at The Assembly Show, on October 23rd in Rosemont, Illinois. Here we recap some of the key points discussed.

Did you know that 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age every day? The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte, predicts 2.4 million open jobs between 2018-2028. It would seem like manufacturing is the way to go if you want a job fast out of high school or college. However, the industry is quickly discovering they can’t fill these jobs.

According to SME, 89% of manufacturers have difficulty finding qualified workers – the highest among major industries. The main problem is that millennials and Generation X’ers are not interested in filling these manufacturing gaps left by baby boomers.

So what can companies do to fill these openings? I’m glad you asked. Automation is the future of manufacturing. Collaborative robots are key to solving the labor crisis. Along with providing those extra “hands” on the floor, they allow you to use your current employees for more cerebral tasks.

Cobots will:

– Allow you to automate the 3 D’s: the dull, dirty, and dangerous
– Have you investing in the workforce
– Increase manufacturing flexibility
– Produce tremendous ROI

It is important that companies start pursing this now to stay competitive and not wait until they get to a point where they have to turn down new work because they don’t have enough employees to get the job done.

MIT research data shows human-robot collaboration is 85% more productive than humans or robots alone! 

Another advantage to having cobots on your machine shop floor is the reduction of workplace injuries, in which those injuries equates to lost production. 104 million work days were lost to injuries and fatalities across all industries in 2017. Manufacturing reported 394,600 injuries in 2016.

Top 5 most common injuries on the shop floor are from:
– Repetitive motion
– Contact with object
– Contact from harmful substances
– Slips, trips and falls
– Overexertion

Cobots are an integral part in significantly decreasing at least 3 of these hazards.

Cobots are the wave of the future, increasing exponentially every year, with more innovations by the day. Contact Fusion, a Certified systems Integrator for Universal Robots, to learn how we can get cobots up and running on your shop floor in no time at all.