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Fusion OEM is an award-winning, CNC systems integrator for collaborative robots, focused on automating machine tending solutions for CNC turning and milling machines to increase productivity.

We are unique in that we utilize the technology we sell. We get it! We are experienced machinists and engineers that test everything to prove the technology before selling it.

Fusion offers complete and proven, turn-key machine tending solutions that help metalworking companies become more profitable, even in small batch processing, by offering standard, affordable, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, automation systems that can be applied to any type of CNC equipment.

By taking this next step with automation, we help machine shop enterprises in increasing their output with efficient, reliable, uninterrupted machine tending throughout the day and into the off-shifts (lights-out). This enhances their CNC equipment ROI and enables them to compete globally. Through this machine shop transformation, these companies can utilize their highly trained machinists to apply their skills to more advanced tasks such as setting-up the next job in another machine, CNC programming, and parts inspection.

Fusion offers true creativity and innovation, as well as the technical expertise to take projects from concept to successful production. We are the only integrator in the Midwest that exclusively offers Universal Robots for CNC Machine Tending.

Fusion vs. DIY

A company can purchase their own cobots and tackle the installation DIY style, along with programming, and training and troubleshooting. However, there has been a recent trend where we are seeing companies who made significant investments in purchasing a cobot years back, and they still remain on the floor taking up space in a corner, in unopened boxes, because either they don’t have the manpower to pull from the shop floor to do this or they don’t know how to do it, and have to learn before they can begin.

Why go through all the time, effort and headaches, when you can hire skilled problem solvers such as Fusion, who will choose the right cobot for your needs based on firsthand experience, deliver it directly to you, install and program it, and train your staff, all within approximately three week’s time? Did we mention we include remote troubleshooting support? There is not a more seamless process of cobot installation out there than the UR Systems Integrator, Fusion.

History of Fusion

Fusion’s story begins as a contract assembly and machining house almost 20 years ago, then fast forward to 2017 where they were named one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 25 Small American Companies. Today Fusion manufactures more than 100 different products – from simple assemblies of machined parts to complex electro-mechanical industrial machinery and electrical control panels. But when Craig’s employees found a new manufacturing innovation on social media, Fusion’s service offerings didn’t stop there.

Fusion’s head machinist along with some other employees saw online how uncaged robots were doing work in machine shops and presented the idea of robots being installed in their facility.

“My staff were the ones who wanted this implementation. They were tired of doing the repetitive and dull tasks on the machine shop floor and were huge champions of investing in robots, or in our case cobots (collaborative robots),” said Zoberis.

After some convincing Zoberis began to realize all the potential. Fusion deployed five UR cobots at their machine shop within less than a year, equipped with Robotiq’s Hand-E Adaptive Grippers, Force Copilot software for simple force control programming, and Insights monitoring software to improve production capacity. The cobots took up less space on the floor than traditional caged robots, and were easily transitioned from one application to the next. These additions also allowed Fusion employees to take on more cerebral tasks such as programming and quality inspection.

Fusion believed so strongly in their results that they decided to branch out even further and become a UR systems integrator for CNC machine tending applications, where they provide turnkey cobot solutions and installations to a variety of manufacturers. 

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