CNC Machine Tending with Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, work alongside and in conjunction with humans on the manufacturing floor. They are smaller in size, more flexible, significantly less cost to deploy, and safer than traditional robots.

Machine tending can be long, repetitive, and tiresome for a human operator. Cobots can take over these mundane tasks while simultaneously increasing productivity and quality. The CNC machine tending solutions is where Fusion comes in. Fusion installs the cobotic solution for you as the systems integrator, providing you with the exact solution you need for
your CNC machine shop.

As a Certified Systems Integrator for the market-leading Universal Robots, we will analyze your machine tending needs,
provide a plan for automation with a detailed proposal, indicating which solution is right for your application,
and complete the installation.

Fusion provides you with the complete package including white glove delivery, on-site training, co-piloting
your first run of production, and remote support.

A Collaborative System

The cobot allows you to automate safely without tying up money and valuable floorspace that is required by conventional robotic machine tending solutions.

A Collaborative System

Continuous Operation

Designed for continuous and "lights-out" operation. Discover a low cost machining partner with uninterrupted service, including when your down a CNC operator.

Continuous Operation

Delivery, Installation and Training

Included in all systems, we will deliver within 100 miles of Fusion HQ, handle the required installation, and provide on-site, in-person training.

Delivery, Installation and Training

Quick Turnaround

Our promise is to personally deliver our standard configurations within 15 business days of order.

Quick Turnaround

Custom End-Effectors

Easily swap out special gripper fingers and entire end-effectors as your
job orders change.

Custom End-Effectors

Remote Support

Fusion includes 10 hours of remote support for troubleshooting, reassuring we're always here for you.

Remote Support

What Makes Us Unique

Fusion is not only providing integrated cobotic solutions to our customers, we also use the technology ourselves in our own machine shop. All our standard solutions have been tested and proven before they are marketed and sold to our customers. We truly want you and your team to be confident in using this type of automation.

We utilize the technology we sell

We have a wide depth of understanding of the technology since it is being utilized in our machine shop daily. Nothing leaves our facility until it has been tried and tested. Our solutions are the result of collaboration with our customers and are established through trust and proven results.

Every solution is tailored to your needs

When working with our customers, we ensure we have a full understanding of your needs and provide innovative solutions that align with your business goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach used.

We have experienced machinists and engineers

Fusion team members are experts in their respective fields. Each is an educated innovator who has a passion for his or her work - ensuring that each solution functions for your business, and each team member's work ethic guarantees the job is done right the first time. We also stay at the forefront of any new machines, updates, and industry trends.

We maximize UR products

Many robot integrators carry 4-5 lines of robots and cobots, making them the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. With being a Certified Systems Integrator for UR, we demonstrate our commitment to maximizing all the potential of UR's capabilities, and our ability to know where the application of this technology fits best.

Cobots in Action

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Video of Cobot in Action - Video 1

FC03 with Haas VF2SS

Video of Cobot in Action - Video 2

FC02 with Haas VF2SS

Video of Cobot in Action - Video 3

FC03 with Auto Tapping

Video of Cobot in Action - Video 4

FC01 with Haas ST20SS

Video of Cobot in Action - Video 5

FC01 with Haas VF2SS

Universal Robots Partnership

We are the only Certified Systems Integrator in the Midwest who provides Universal Robots (UR) exclusively. UR holds 60% of the cobot market share.

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