About Fusion OEM

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Your Outsourced Manufacturing And Production Partner

Your production floor is likely a noisy place, and we all know that too much of the wrong noise causes headaches – production headaches, that is.

Fusion OEM takes the extra noise and headaches off of your production floor, letting you focus on what’s next, instead of worrying about reducing costs for has-been legacy products.

As seamless extensions of your in-house production department, our outsourced manufacturing solutions meet any of your production or engineering service needs, including:

Whether your business is in restaurant equipment, packaging, printing and graphic arts or another industry, Fusion OEM’s outsourced product development and turnkey manufacturing solutions help you cut costs, reduce time investment and eliminate production headaches.

Click below to explore how your production headaches are turned into growth opportunities when you partner with Fusion OEM for your outsourced manufacturing:

  • The Production Continuum Process - Discover how to keep your legacy products and components in production for as long as you and your customers require with Fusion OEM’s Production Continuum Process.
  • Open-Book Cost Clarity Make the most informed decisions about your outsourced manufacturing process and production runs with Open-Book Cost Clarity that keeps every precise cost right at your fingertips.
  • Price Point Continuity Learn how to maintain your turnkey manufacturing costs year over year, allowing you to offer the same legacy products or components perpetually and at a steady cost.
  • Flexible Work Cells Cut down the costs of your short-run manufacturing with Fusion OEM’s flexible work cells that adapt to your ever-changing small-batch production needs.

To learn more about Fusion OEM as a company and the people behind our turnkey manufacturing solutions, click on a link below:

  • History From Fusion’s humble beginnings in a Chicago-area garage to our ISO 9001 certification and continued growth, experience our story.
  • Our Staff Working with Fusion OEM for your outsourced manufacturing needs gives you a clear, strategic advantage: our employees.
  • Careers We don’t just hire to fill positions – we hire to satisfy customers.